Rose wine
Solely thoughts and thoughts.
After 18 months of research and development, combined with Bulgarian rose wine formula, after hundreds of matching experiments, only a rose wine suitable for China
Rose Dew: a wine with temperature
Rose wine
Drinking is a wine, the product is romantic, and the story is the story! Rose liqueur: dedicated to the taste of you !
Bulgaria, the kingdom of the world's roses; here are the best roses in the world, and stories like roses.
The town of Kazanlek, south of the world famous Rose Valley, is a paradise for roses! Every year in the first week of June, the annual Rose Queen's selection is held here. This is the dream of the whole town girl. The woman who crowned the Queen of Roses is regarded as an angel! At the same time, it also holds a series of activities such as the rose picking ceremony, the cabaret show, and the parade. The people here are full of roses, they admire beauty and romance! Such a country, such a small town, how can we lose the wine with their unique cultural imprint!
Here a long time ago, the local people produced a local speciality, that is, a combination of fine wine and rose, one rose wine. The wine is soft and soft, with a rich and fragrant taste, especially a faint rose scent, which makes the cheeks lingering and endless, and the feeling of romance and happiness comes to life.
China's Hebei Jinbili Liquor Co., Ltd., adhering to the ideal of creating the world's fine wines for the people of the world, will introduce the secrets of rose wine from the town of Kazanqin, Bulgaria, to the country of roses. With the spiritual water source + high-quality grain at the foot of the Tianshan Mountain in the northern Buddhist monasteries and the Baiyun Cave in the mountains, and the top rosette from the Rose Valley in Bulgaria, you can make a world-famous wine with a taste of international taste ~~ rose wine! Let the people of the world share the god-given wine, let the oriental people use the taste buds to feel the romantic style of southern Europe!
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